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Pol Diggler


Pol Diggler. Barcelona. Director, editor and film teacher.

Enthusiast of daring and innovative narratives. Constantly seeking new concepts to surprise and provoke audiences.

In 2014 he created FERGAHT Productions, an independent label that joins professionals from all sectors, from scriptwriting and filming to post-production and distribution.

Since then and under his direction, FERGAHT's projects have achieved more than 300 awards in all kinds of departments, being screened at 600 festivals around the world including OSCAR, GOYA, BAFTA or MÉLIÈS qualifiers.

Winner of the Paul Naschy Award at the Sitges Film Festival and the TAC Terror Arreu de Catalunya Award.


-2023: Sincopat

-2021: Work it Class!

-2019: Horrorscope

-2017: IP-IS

-2015: Director's Cut

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Pol Diggler
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