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Second Edition

November 3rd - 5th 2023

Welcome to the archive page of the 2nd edition of the Starling Short Film Festival.

Our fist event showcased 25 films from around the world.

2022 Winners


The Car Spotter

Directed by Martin Sandin



Directed by Jitka Nemikinsova



Directed by Axel Fernandez


Land of Opportunity

Directed by Summer Doan


Backstage - Starring A Nobody 

Directed by Máté Papp

MURMURATION AWARD (Our Audience Award)


Directed by Milo Bonnard

Mad As Birds Films presents

The Golden Feather Award for excellence in film


Directed by Pol Diggler for sound design

Poster 2.jpeg

Poster Created by Tom McCann

Meet the 2023 Team


Laura Da Prato

Masoud Soheil

Niall McNamee

Luke Jamieson

Spencer Cammayo

Ben Sherlock

Maxine Gordon

Mark Morgan

Kofi E.

Simona Iordanova

Niall McDermott

Nick Jamieson

Festival Photograhers

Cloe Davis

Jade Ward

Program Co-ordinators

Jessica Campbell
Molly Hall
Esther Adeusi
Daniel Newsham
Estelle Courant
Monet Neill
Tom Harris
Valeria di Pasquale
Olivia Kelly
Leo Clasen
Aiden Walsh
Ciaran Wainwright
Dan Robertson
Lorenza Tuan

Special Thanks

Lesley, James, Andy and the staff of The Light Cinema

Gaye Calvetti

Joel, Tom, Jack, Abby and the staff of Cafe Tabac

Media Graphics Designers

Tom McCann

Jessi Platt


Mad As Birds Films

Festival Public Relations Co-ordinator

Lilly Patricija Jankaus

Second Edition Gallery

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